To turn the concept of the popular genre of “shooter team” turned on its head can only Japanese company Nintendo. In 2015 it released the game Splatoon for Wii U, in which the deadly bullets were replaced with bright ink, but instead of another bloody war players were asked to take part in exciting opposition to unusual characters “inkling” defending the right to the territory by painting over it in color. Quite unexpectedly, the game has become a worldwide phenomenon. It seems that the Japanese did not expect such success, so a sequel was only a matter of time. I am glad to inform you that work on the game Splatoon 2 is completed and enjoy it will all, without exception, the owners of Nintendo consoles Switch tomorrow – July 21. Me a copy of the game got before the official release, so I want to share with you its detailed review.

Inklings are funny, which is a hybrid of human and squid. In normal conditions, they look like ordinary teenagers, but when the inkling is in danger, he can turn into a squid and hide in a puddle of ink, created with a special spray gun. This simple mechanic is the basis of the popular Japanese third-person shooter, developed by Studio Nintendo Entertainment Planning & Development. In 2014, when the light appeared the game Splatoon for Nintendo Wii U, no one could not think that such a seemingly simple idea will spawn a blockbuster franchise. For two years, sold nearly 5 million copies of the game for a new IP is just a fantastic result. Unique shooter got a huge army of fans. Moreover, the game turned into a true eSports discipline. It regularly hosts large-scale professional Championships, which involved players from different countries.

Let’s start with the fact that in the new game your avatar there is an additional option settings appearance. If earlier it was possible to choose only the color of the skin of the character and the color of his eyes, it is now possible to choose from several options for hairstyles and even pants for your inkling. Moreover, in the sequel like in the original game, you will see a wide range of additional equipment: t-shirts, jackets, shirts, shoes and hats. Fashion and style in Splatoon 2 very important and are being given serious attention. After all, without exception inkling – great mods. Not for nothing because in the beginning of the game the player finds himself in the square huge shopping Mall where are located famous among the inklings shops. Separately want to mention their colorful owners. “Steely” head of Medusa Dandy. In the boutique, Aurelia slug named Slise will offer you the widest selection of hats. And Shoe best understands arthropod shop owner “Crapola” Krabic.

Clothing not only sets you apart from thousands of other players, but also allows you to acquire new skills, giving tangible benefits in combat. Every object has some empty slots, which are designed to keep certain combat skills. For example, reduction of paint consumption during firing, increasing the speed of movement on foot, in the form of squid or even through enemy paint, increased weapon damage and reduced damage from enemy shots. All in the game there are 26 such fighting skills. And if you have several of the same perks, their power is summed up. The main problem is that gaining experience in battles, you don’t know which skill will give you the next level your equipment. All completely randomly. However, there is one way to cheat and get what you want.

In addition to numerous shops, the main square of the city of IncoPOS can be detected crustaceans diner owner named Raqqa. Here you can buy food and drinks, allowing you for 20 battles to increase your experience and money, and increase the probability of those or other combat skills. Another very important character in the world is Splatoon 2 sea urchin Igruha. With it, you can add useful skills to your inventory or delete them from it. Another secret lies in the use of official mobile apps Nintendo Switch Online for smartphones and tablets that came out a few days ago. It is a service SplatNet 2 to order popular products from online store “Supose”, where there are often particularly rare garments with cool perks. These offers are for a limited time, so do not missed their happiness. After payment you will be able to take it from the same Gluhe in the main square of IncoPOS.

The most important thing in battle, of course, a well-chosen weapon. Therefore, the first step is to go to the store “the sword and the Tail”, where an expert on weapons Pushkin will help you to decide on the Arsenal. Pushkin is famous for the fact that he talks a lot, so the developers of Splatoon 2 made an additional button to fast rewind his lengthy reflection on the subject of modern weapons. Thank the gods! In the last game from his endless chatter me naturally sleepy. The arms are sold sets, of which the game today, there are about 40. In the near future, the developers plan to expand this list. The main weapon in the set contains three main characteristics: range, damage and rate of fire. In addition to the base each set includes spare weapons and special weapons.

Eleven spare weapon types are well familiar to fans of the original game ink bomb that slows enemies the acrid fog, the inky curtain and so on. Special weapons are much more powerful and can radically change the course of battle. Splatoon 2 only nine types of such weapons, and they are all presented in this game for the first time. However, to use them, you need to actively paint the arena until the round scale in the upper right corner of the screen. A list of special weapons include the giant rocket launcher “Caracatita”,. working on the paint and allowing it to soar over the battlefield, a powerful jump “Megaplug”, a scathing blast of paint all around, and even a special bronicheski temporarily protects your entire team from the shots of opponents. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The game has a much more powerful and effective types of dealing with opponents.

Weapons are used for two main purposes: painting the surfaces of the arena and failing inkling of the opposing team. Murder is out of the question, because it’s a Nintendo game. Therefore, it must be friendly to users of any age. After you shot the paint inkling of the enemy, it bursts like a bubble (this is called the “flop of the enemy”) and after a few seconds appears on the basis of his team again to rush into battle. There are melee weapons, for example, the roller is able to quickly paint the surface, but at large distances it is just useless. There is a weapon of the middle of the battle – enough rate, however, to paint the surface it is not as convenient as the same roller. And there are ranged weapons for fans to lie somewhere on a hill and shoot enemies through a sniper scope. The truth here is to paint the arena that the weapon is not good. There are very unusual types of weapons like Bryzgalov, blasters or “vetrogonov” hurling in the face of the enemy a huge amount of paint. Each weapon has its advantages and disadvantages. So choose it should be based on the tactics that you plan to adhere to. Before the real fight be sure to try out each weapon on a special test arena.

The innovations Splatoon 2 can be attributed to the additional opportunities which has got some of the usual first-game weapons. For example, the rollers can now throw paint not only horizontally, but also vertically, allowing to get at the enemy, standing on the dais or podprygnuvshie in the air. Personally, I do this in the original game lacked. Sniper rifles, or blowers, as they are called in the game, can now hold a charge even after the inkling has disappeared into the paint and got out of it after the relocation. Snipers because of this became more mobile and maneuverable. Not without totally new weapons. But I want to tell you purposefully won’t. Would be much nicer to understand all this yourself. Let me just say that with the updated Arsenal of the game has become even more flexible, and players became available brand new the tricks and tactics of warfare.

Their familiarity with the game Splatoon 2 I would advise you to start with the single-player story mode, which is called “Agent”. As in the previous game, you have to go on a dangerous journey through the world of sworn enemies of the inklings – “elmoran”. Players are many levels, battles with hordes of enemies, fights with giant bosses (tentacles included), and even meeting old friends from the original game. This mode will allow you to quickly master the basic mechanics of the series, as well as to test the various weapons. In addition, in the “Agent” you will be able to collect valuable eggs and find hidden from the prying eyes of the scrolls with the history of the world, Splatoon and other valuable treasures. Although, of course, the game is not about that. The main fun is concentrated online.

Splatoon 2 provides us with several online modes. All, without exception, will have to start with “Battle of the rookies”, where you fight over areas with other players from different countries. The essence of the regime is that each team of four players must paint as much as possible the area of the arena until, until the specified time. Along the way, of course, you need to shoot the enemies and prevent them to paint your territory. Before the battle you can explore each scene of peace and tranquility to build your strategy or find a comfortable place for shooting opponents if, for example, prefer to play as a sniper. At each moment of time the players available the only two arenas that they have to pass by one. Every two hours of the arena are replaced by new, and the game adds players (in the original game, arena alternated every four hours). Each arena, whether river port or Playground are well thought out and contains a lot of secret places to discover that you and your team will get an advantage in battle.

The second online mode called “Fight elite”. Here everything, as in the first part of the game. To access this mode available only for the players who have earned level 10 and above. For winning these fights in addition to the basic experience you will earn military ranks. Will have to start from the lowest rank With. Over time, you will be able to climb the corporate ladder to the top of the pyramid to the rank of A+. But trust me, it’s not just because of defeat in battle, your rank will decline. This mode provides three kinds of duels. In “the Battle for the tower” the main aim of the player is to move the tower to the enemy base, and it moves in one of two directions only in the case when the representative of a command to climb to its top. In some places of the arena tower is suspended, which adds to the course of action additional complexity. In the match, “Battle zones” you need to capture (read: shaded) particular areas of the arena, marked on the map, and try to keep them as long as possible. The winner is the team that holds the zone for longer than the other. The third type of fighting is “Megacorp”. Vaguely she recalled the mode “capture the flag” only the flag stands a giant Golden statue of a carp, which, among other things, is also a powerful weapon. These modes replace each other every two hours, so try all three, will have to spend in the game a lot of time.

The third online mode is a “Battle League”. Access to it will receive only those players who have achieved a B grade in the “Fight elite”. Not an easy task, but it’s worth it, because only in this mode you can create a complete team (League) with their friends. You can battle in a duet or four against the same cool teams from other countries. Be sure: in the battle League you are waiting for the pumped players. Especially scary to come across a professional team from Japan. As I told you before, in the land of the rising Sun Splatoon is a national view of eSports, so the chance to emerge victorious from such a fight is very small. However, even in this case, the game never ceases to delight happening on the screen fun. For the victory in the battle of the leagues players receive gold, silver and bronze medals, thereby increasing their status. “Private battles”, I guess, separately paint is not worth it. These games where you can invite your friends, choose the mode, the arena, to distribute the players on teams and start the battle.

The game also has another Salmon Run, which is available only in certain moments of time in advance posted in the online schedule. My team of four players will battle hordes of horrible creatures “samanidov”. Coolest co-op fun, I tell you! Enemies come at you in three waves, including various monsters and powerful bosses. The enemy behavior is affected by time of day, tides, and weather conditions. During fog descended Simonida start to break on you from all sides, and at night they literally go crazy and start to rush forward at great speed. During the massacre of the enemies players will receive valuable rewards that can be obtained after the completion of the match in a special kiosk.

Updated settings menu Splatoon 2 allows almost perfectly to adjust the sensitivity of motion-control aiming, and control standard analog stick. The previous games with this there were some problems. Now everyone will be able to set your personal profile to fit your individual needs. However, in one Nintendo miscalculated. I wanted to play in the sequel, Splatoon in portable mode, lying on the couch. And the console somehow refuses to perceive that the location of his body. No matter how I experimented with the settings and no dropped tuning gyro, nothing came out. Play with motion control in Splatoon 2 is only sitting in an upright position. Or how to turn off tracking and play analog stick, which is not very convenient. And it’s sad. But thanks to the hybrid Switch Nintendo you can play on your TV, the way to work, as well as using the console as a portable display. And even teaming up with their friends in a local network up to eight consoles. Now Splatoon 2 can be played anywhere and anytime. I think this is a serious achievement for such a great game.

As in the previous game, you can Wake up the sleeping artist in you and draw something, and then publish it in the internal social network games. Other players will be able to see your work in their own space and to appreciate it. Some drawings I good laughed. Also Splatoon 2 has a new built-in mini-game “Squid Dance” rhythm simulator when you have the music in time to press the combination of buttons of the controllers. A game support Amiibo collectible figurines, which give you different bonus items of clothing and allowing you to transfer the settings of your characters on the other consoles. Specifically to release Splatoon 2 was released three new collectible figures that are fans of Nintendo, I think, already in the near future will sweep away from the shelves.

For the first time in the series players will be able to talk among themselves. Voice chat in the game yet free through the official mobile app that is a smartphone. At the end of 2017 the service of online games, including group voice chat, will be paid and will cost $ 20 per year. It is inexpensive, when compared to the same online services from Sony and Microsoft. However, it is strange that Nintendo went to such an unexpected way and tried to reinvent the wheel. The invitation to chat is via a mobile application that generates a link to a private chat. Moreover, for greater security, you can protect it with a four-digit password. Yes. No voice chat on the console itself, due to the fact that it is impossible to connect a headset if it is installed in the docking station (I have told you in his review Nintendo Switch). Chat on a smartphone, you can create only when running the game Splatoon 2, or rather its option in the Online Lounge. Everything else is more or less traditionally. Outside of combat present can hear all the chat and during battles – each other hear only the members of the same team.

If you want to more clearly hear other players through the headphones, you will discover unpleasant fact: the game does not output the sound from the console through the mobile app. That is, with headphones you can hear any game sound from the TV/console, or the voices of their companions from your smartphone. Bring in the headphones mixed sound, as it is able, for example, the Sony PlayStation 4, you will not succeed. It will have to purchase special equipment, like the official headset from Hori, which are stuck two audio cables: one from Nintendo Switch, the second is from the smartphone. But this will agree, is extremely uncomfortable. I also noted that voice chat is not working in the background. As soon as you switch to the mobile to another app, for example, check e-mail, chat you temporarily erase. To get back in the game, you will need a couple of seconds. The same thing will happen if your phone goes into sleep mode and the screen goes blank. I hope in the future all these inconveniences Nintendo will be able to eliminate.

Despite the fact that the network connection in the game happens instantly and online works just fine, the matchmaking in some situations, it leaves much to be desired. From the beginning players had to face the triumph of injustice. When the “Battle of the rookies” of the eight players three have a significantly higher level, for example, 6, 7 and 8, the game with the big share of probability will determine them into one team. The second team will be four green beginner 1 and 2 levels. The battle turns into a slaughter. Can only rely on the “God of randomness” and hope that in the next battle in your team will determine at least one skilled player, redistributing the balance of power in the arena. So it will be exactly to the moment until you grow up “Fight elite”, where players are selected for the respective grades. To get with his friend in one group and fight against other players is incredibly difficult. Yes, you can recruit two teams of friends in the “Private fight”, but then you will not be able to battle with random opponents. Of course, you can pump up in order to get to the mode “Fighting leagues” and create their own team. Only you and your friends will take a lot of time. In my opinion, this is a serious omission. Forming your own team is a very important opportunity that should be available to everyone initially.

Other cons of the game, of course, not so striking, but they are. For example, during the battle became very difficult to use a “super-jump” and a map of the arena. The previous game was released for the Nintendo Wii U console, so the player has before his eyes two screen: one – screen TVs and second – screen gamepad, which displayed a map of the arena. Now you have only one screen: either a TV or screen Nintendo Switch in desktop or laptop mode. The map of the arena for obvious reasons invoked by the X button, which is not as convenient as before. For this you need to do any additional actions, and in the online shooter is very, very undesirable. Another drawback of the game can be attributed to the fact that in fact before us is not exactly a new game, but only high-quality work on the bugs of the first part. Yes, new content and even new game mode. But if you think about it nothing fundamentally new since the first part Splatoon 2 did not add. Sometimes the game resembles a fancy expansion pack of the original 2015.


  • Splatoon 2 is certainly the most stylish and brilliant representative of the genre.
  • The unusual concept of the game even two years later felt very fresh.
  • A huge amount of new content and all kinds of innovations.
  • Interesting story mode with many secrets and cool bosses.
  • Great co-op mode Salmon Run on four players.
  • Thanks to Nintendo play Switch in the shooter can be anywhere, anytime.
  • The friendly game mechanic that is easy to learn even for beginners.
  • The game runs flawlessly: there is even the slightest bug or network lag.
  • The developers promise a mountain of new content in the near future.
  • Having a full localization for Russian players.


  • The game resembles a major expansion pack, not a full sequel.
  • It has become extremely uncomfortable to use a map of the arena.
  • Matchmaking in the beginning of the game leaves much to be desired.
  • You cannot create a team of friends in the beginning of the game.
  • It is impossible to play with motion-controlled lying on the back.
  • There are some problems with voice chat.

Splatoon 2 is definitely worthy to occupy an honored place in your collection of games for the Nintendo Switch. Along with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe this shooter refers to the heavy artillery of Nintendo, literally forcing you to buy them a new game console. Of course, personally, I would like to see a bit more of new content and features, in addition to the wonderful Salmon Run mode, additional guns and new clothes for the characters. But even in this form, and with all the cons I mentioned Splatoon 2 was just a great game. Additions which the developers promise to release in the coming months, should make this game even better. I put the game score of 8 out of 10 and highly recommend her to acquire not only the fans of the first part, but just the owners of the Nintendo console Switch.